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Printing Problem with windows 7 64 bit. Multiple prints

Just wanted to help everyone out on the internets – this is a problem that at least a few people have come across ( It’s concerning using a networked print server with Microsoft Vista.

In my experience, the printer will either print garbage over and over, print nothing over and over, or print the first page over and over.  Either way, you’re wasting a lot of paper and toner, and it’s frustrating!

(Stop reading now if it’s not important to you :-P )


My specific setup may differ from yours, but this solved my problem, and it seemed to solve many others’.  I have an HP Color LaserJet CP1215 connected to a D-Link DPR-1260, and the computer trying to print is a Windows Vista machine.  The LaserJet and the print server are excellent pieces of equipment, definitely – just that they weren’t working together.

It appears that using Vista causes problems due to both:

  1. Microsoft not complying with the Line printing RFC, by allowing a computer to NOT send the size of the data that it needs to the printer.
  2. Print servers also not complying with the RFC, by accepting the computer’s print request even though it doesn’t have that magic size included.

So the solution that I eventually found is this:

Go to printer properties, and select Configure Port:


Change the port’s settings to LPR (instead of RAW) if it isn’t already:


And then check LPR Byte Counting Enabled.

By doing this, you are telling the printer “Hey, I’m going to print a document of X bytes, so only print X bytes worth”.  This way, the printer knows when to stop printing.  My printer would just keep printing the job over and over and over…

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