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Change machines for Cassie

Instructions to switch cassie from one machine to another.  


Left computer.

Unplug the network cables from back of computer.

Using a usb thumb drive, copy “ d:\program files\cassiemanager\data “ to the thumb drive

Right computer

The machine on the right, insert the thumb drive and copy the data folder to “c:\proram files\cassiemanager\”  It will ask if you want to overwrte, say yes to all….

On the desktop , right click on “My Network Places”  click on Properties. Then right- click on “Local Area Connection to Firebox”  / properties.   Double-Click on “Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)” 

Change the ip address FROM TO then click OK.

Back in “My Network Places” right-click on “Local Area Connection to Cisco”  / properties.   Double –Click on “Internet Protoco (TCP/IP)”

Change the IP Address from to  then click “OK”

Close all the windows and from the desktop, click on “Cassie Manager”  Once it loads, click on “Start Server”

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