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Entering Closed Dates

The first federal holiday of 2014 (after New Year's) is approaching, so I thought this would be a good time to go over how to set closed dates.  (For those of you who migrated in 2013, I already have your 2014 dates set.)  
Using your admin login, go to Admin--Local Administration--Closed Dates Editor.
Choose the button "Add Single Day Closing" to add a one day closing (most of the holidays).
Click on the calendar icon, and go to the month and date you plan to be closed (also be sure the year is correct).  
In the "Reason for closing" box, put in the name of the holiday or other reason you will be closed. If you are part of a multi-branch system, and the closed date applies to all your branches, click the "Apply to all of my libraries" checkbox.  
Click Save.
The "Add Multiple Date Closing" button allows you to add a multi-day closure (Thanksgiving and the day after, for instance).  Enter the start date in the first box, and the end date in the second.
The "Add Detailed Closing" button allows you to enter time as well as date information (if you are closing at noon on New Year's Eve, for instance, and will be closed all day on New Year's Day).
You should also use the Closed Dates Editor if you close for a snow day (or other unexpected closure), and do not want fines to accumulate on that date.
Let me know if you have any questions!  You are also welcome to send me your list of closed dates, if you prefer.

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