Submitted by: Kylene Henderson, Outreach Librarian for Little Dixie Regional Libraries
Little Dixie Regional Libraries is excited to inform you of the Outreach Program. The Outreach
Program is a free monthly home delivery service offered to those that are homebound,
experiencing health challenges, or reside in an assisted living or extended care facility.
Once enrolled, patrons utilizing this free service can borrow any item in LDRL’s library system,
including a vast collection of large print books, audiobooks, magazines, music CDs, DVDs,
board games, and more. There are over 183,000 items to choose from! Some patrons borrow as
few as two items a month, while others borrow as many as 30. Those benefiting from the
Outreach Program regularly comment how much they look forward to their delivery, as well as
how much they enjoy LDRL’s great selection of items.
Little Dixie Regional Libraries strives to make library materials accessible to all residents of
Randolph and Monroe counties. Call 660-263-4426 or e-mail for
more information on how this free service could benefit you or your loved one.

LDRL’s delivery driver, Jared, delivers bags of library materials right to your door.