Gifts & Donations

The library is grateful for gifts of materials. However, the library with the explicit understanding that they may or may not be added to the collection will accept gifts of materials. No estimation of value of collections of books donated to the library will be made. A written acknowledgment of gifts received will be available upon request.

The decision to include gift materials will be based upon these considerations:

  • -Whether they meet the library’s standards of book selection;
  • Whether the physical condition is satisfactory;
  • -Whether the library needs the title or added copies of the titles in the collection.

It is the policy of the library not to accept special collections of books to be kept together as a separate physical entity. Only the director with the understanding that they may or may not be integrated into the general collection may accept gift collections.

The library makes an effort to dispose of all gift material that it does not add to its own collection to the very best advantage.

Monetary gifts:
Upon receipt of a cash gift for the purchase of a memorial, the director or a designated staff member will make the selection. The director will suggest to the donor library materials or equipment that would be suitable and useful. The director will make final decisions concerning gift selections.

Monetary gifts given to a specific branch will be designated to be used at that branch.

Any monetary gifts and material donations given to the library will become permanent property of Little Dixie Regional Libraries.

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