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Here at Little Dixie Regional Libraries we offer an abundance of fun and engaging library materials for children to use. Below is a list of some of the great things we have to offer:




World Book for Kids

Childrens ebook and Research




Kids Corner






Fiction Picture Books

Our fiction picture book section is comprised of many well known authors, ranging anywhere from the amazing Eric Carle, to talented Patricia Polacco. This collection is arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the author. Every book is sure to have engaging illustrations, themes, and storylines that leave youngsters wanting to read more! These books have a 4 week check- out limit.

● Nonfiction Picture Books

Our non-fiction picture book section is filled with several intriguing, educational books that provide children with factual information based upon a variety of themes. Some of the themes covered in this collection range from books about religion, fairy tales, health and wellness, history, animals, and much more! Every child is sure to learn something new and exciting about the world around them by reading a nonfiction book!

Building Block and Show Me Reader Award Nominees

Every year we hold a small collection of books that have received either a Building Block Award, or a Show Me Reader Award. Books with these awards are most commonly read in schools during the current school year and are most likely books that your child will be encouraged to read by their school teacher. These books do not stay on our shelves for long as

Holiday Themed Books ( Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah,  The 4th of July, and Valentine’s Day!)

Our holiday book collection follows themes based upon every traditional holiday.This collection focuses on the joyous ambiance of the ever-so fast-approaching holiday seasons, and is sure to provide your child with hours of hours of educational entertainment! Our Board book collection is available for those children who are either just beginning to read, or who are not able to read  yet. These books are full of colorful tales and where the illustrations catch the attention of a developing infant and a allow a young reader to associate basic words

● Easy Readers ( Grade Level 1-5)

Our easy reader collection is great for those children who are just beginning to read, and or already have some reading skills developed, but may need to work on practicing those skills. These books are available in a variety of different formats, such as chapter book style, simple one-line sentence style or one word sentence style! Your new reader is sure to develop their reading skills while navigating the pages of an easy reader!



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