Connect Kits

No one should face Alzheimer’s or dementia alone.

Connect Kits have been carefully curated to support those with Alzheimer’s Disease, other types of dementia, and various other cognitive disabilities. Each kit is packed with fun and stimulating activities such as interactive therapy pets, games, puzzles, sensory items, books, music CDs, DVDs, and more.


The Connect Kit program aims to provide our community with high-quality items to help caregivers make meaningful connections with their loved ones by sparking conversation, providing an opportunity to reminisce, and having fun together.


Each kit can be checked out for two weeks. For a look at the full selection of Connect Kits, please look through the images below. To put a hold on a Connect Kit, please click on an image and follow the prompts. Please call if you have any questions or need assistance.

Kits that include Babies

Kits that include pets.

Kits about construction, automobiles, and trains

Kits about Bibles, Christmas, and Music

Kits about Gardening and the Ocean

Care for yourself, while caring for a loved one with dementia. When caring for someone with dementia, your own mental stability can be the single most critical factor in your loved one’s quality of life. The Caregiver’s Guide to Dementia brings practical and comprehensive guidance to understanding the illness, caring for someone, and caring for yourself. From understanding common behavioral and mood changes to making financial decisions, this book contains bulleted lists of actions you can take to improve your health and your care-giving. Inspirational and compassionate, it focuses on the caregiver’s underlying love and humanity that cannot be taken away by any disease. In the Caregiver’s Guide to Dementia you’ll find:

Dementia defined-Understand dementia and its many forms, with an explanation of the illness and its variations.

Caregiver wellness-At the end of each chapter, a small section provides relaxation and mindfulness exercises and reflection for dementia caregivers.

Practical approach-The back of the book is filled with resources, from financial planning to tips on safety, along with questions for health care professionals, lawyers, accountants, therapists, and friends.

No one should face Alzheimer’s or dementia alone. These 101 stories will provide support, advice, and comfort for caregivers and those living with Alzheimer’s.This collection of personal stories will support you through all the phases of your journey. You’ll read chapters on:

Accepting a New Reality – How to keep the dialogue going/What Does It Feel Like? – What it’s like to have Alzheimer’s.

Strategies and Tips for Coping – Great advice from other families.

Next Steps and Tough Choices – You’re not alone in big decisions.

Taking the Journey with Your Parent – Tips and support for a new role

Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s – Support for younger families

In Sickness and In Health – Keeping marriages strong and loving.

The Lighter Side – Laughter is the best medicine.

New Ways to Make Connections – Powerful music and art therapies.

It Takes a Village – We’re one big community.

The Special Bond with Grandchildren – Those special connections.